Supplier Questions

How can we provide the buyer with brand instructions?
It is possible to upload a digital instruction manual in the I Trade Beauty platform. Buyers can download these documents in the platform to gather more information about the brand and the products. It is not possible to contact the buyers and invite them to workshops or trainings.
How does the complaint handeling works?
Buyers and suppliers can pass on their complaints to I Trade Beauty via the contact form. I Trade Beauty will assess the complaint and, if necessary, pass it on to the supplier or buyer.
Can buyers return products?
I Trade Beauty is B2B focused, therefore we do not offer the option to buyers to return their products to suppliers. In case of a defect or complaint, the buyer can contact I Trade Beauty. I Trade Beauty will contact you as a supplier and offers the buyer and supplier the possibility to resolve the complaint together.
How can I register and upload my products?
  1. Register on our platform www.itradebeauty.com.
  2. After verification, you can upload your product information, images, wholesale prices, suggested retail price etc. Please take a look at the I Trade Beauty manual for more information. Please note: you can not register without a VAT ID number and business registration number. I Trade Beauty charges only € 29,- one time connection costs to connect with our platform and payment provider.
  3. I Trade Beauty will publish your content to the platform after the general check.
How does shipment works?
All products have to be shipped from your warehouse within 1 - 2 working days. You are responsible for shipping the order to the buyer and providing tracking information. Please note: Please add the correct shipping costs per country in your account. How are the orders being processed and what is my commission?
  1. When a salon or retailer orders your product via our platform, you will receive a order confirmation from us, please print this confirmation and ship it with the order.
  2. We expect you to ship the product from your warehouse within 2 working days. Please note: As a supplier you take care of the shipping costs, not the buyer nor I Trade Beauty.
  3. Confirm the shipment in your account with track and trace information.
  4. Create an invoice for the buyer and upload it in your account. Please take note of the VAT regulations.
  5. From each sale, we ask for a commission of 15% ex. VAT of the total price ex. VAT. Additional VAT costs may be applied.
How does the payment process works?
  1. You will receive the payment within 10 days after the buyer has confirmed that they have received the order in good condition. The total amount which our payment provider Stripe payout to your bank account will be the total price minus our commission (split payment).
  2. All orders of the previous month will be collected in a monthly invoice per month and send to you by email.
What if a buyer has a question about the brand?
Buyers can ask their questions through the I Trade Beauty platform. I Trade Beauty handles these questions. If necessary, I Trade Beauty will contact you for further information.

Buyer Questions

What if I have a complaint?
Please contact I Trade Beauty and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
How can I register to I Trade Beauty as a buyer?
  1. Register on our platform www.itradebeauty.com as a buyer. To be able to register to our platform, you need a VAT ID number.
  2. After verification, you will get access to our I Trade Beauty platform
How can I place an order on I Trade Beauty?
I Trade Beauty gives you the possibility to buy products from external suppliers from all over the world.
  1. Login with your I Trade Beauty buyers account.
  2. Add the products you want to order to your shopping cart.
  3. View your shopping cart to view the shipping costs and shipping time per supplier.
  4. Complete the order process by agreeing on the terms and conditions and pay your order directly online.
How fast will the supplier ship my order?
The supplier has to ship your order within 2 working days. You will receive an update once the supplier has shipped your order. Please check out the latest order status in your account.
I have not received my order from the supplier yet
If you have not received your order within 10 days after the order date, please contact us. We will check the order status with the supplier.
What does ‘buyer protection’ means?
All suppliers who join I Trade Beauty are verified and trustworthy. Note that the suppliers and beauty brands registered on I Trade Beauty are checked by our system for their Business Registration Number and their VAT ID. We are able to provide buyer protection which consists of the following parts: privacy, payment and delivery protection.
Can I return my ordered products?
I Trade Beauty is B2B focused, therefore we do not offer the option for buyers to return their products to suppliers. In case of a defect or complaint, you can contact I Trade Beauty. I Trade Beauty is an intermediary and will contact the supplier and offers you and the supplier the possibility to resolve the complaint together.